What I’ve Learnt This Week 4.0

Abbreviations are Everywhere

Buuttttt, if you don’t find out what they mean you could miss something and potentially look like an idiot (and yes, I know we’re not supposed to use them in case of misinterpretation, but they still exist).


How I picture it: an external urethra
What it actually is: nephrostomies are artificial openings made in the body, allowing urine to exit the body directly from the kidneys through a plastic tube and into a urine bag.

They can be inserted for a number of reasons, but typically due to issues or blockages in the urinary system below the kidney.


A torsion is cause when a part of the anatomy is twisted in a way it shouldn’t be – most commonly seen in the testes, but can also occur in the ovaries and fallopian tubes.


Stents can be used in all sorts of areas of the body to hold a space open. I’ve previously written about cardiac stents, but this week I learnt about ureteric stents, which can be placed to hold open a damaged ureter – however as the ureter uses peristalsis to move urine towards the bladder, a little hook attached to the stent needs to be placed in the kidney to stop it being flushed out.

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